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Falk’s Nursing Services employs over 40 highly skilled individuals including 9 pharmacists, 4 Registered Nurses (IV & Emergency Certified), 22 certified pharmacy technicians, 2 in house IT specialists + CW Technology (Duluth), 2 insurance billing specialists, an accounting team, 10 delivery couriers and Falks customer account representative Todd Nelson.

Steve Preston-RPH Pharmacist & CEO
Mike Groth-Corporate Financial Officer
Dr. Kyle Rizzi-RPH Pharmacy Director
Dr. Diane Orville-RPH Staff Pharmacist
Lyle Nevala-RPH Staff Pharmacist
Ron Schipper-RPH Staff Pharmacist
Dr. Chris Zimpel-RPH Staff Pharmacist
Dr. Brent Noble-RPH Staff Pharmacist


Sherry Gill-RN Director of Nursing
Anna Mitchell-Director of Pharmacy Technicians
Mark Morse-Director of Accounting
Charles Hodge-IT director
Mary-Falk’s Nursing receptionist
Todd Nelson-Customer Account Representative