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Falk’s Nursing Service LTC Pharmacy has a state-of-art e-Pharmacy system, Framework LTC Pharmacy System by Softwriters.

SoftWriters is proud to connect FrameworkLTC® with more technology partners than any other pharmacy software solution, including eHR, eMAR, dispensing product and facility management systems.

Framework LTC interfaces with DocuTrack and many of the e-Mar systems available.

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In addition to being one of the most versatile systems it offers the additional security of requiring each and every prescription order to be triple checked with barcode and visual verification by pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. The systems also allow our customers to access their facility prescription data through an interface with Framework Link.

Framework Link allows our clients to: View and print MARs, place drug orders and refill requests, check real-time order status, manage non-drug orders without pharmacy intervention, perform drug quotes, maintain, review patient profile information and produce a multitude of reports on their residents and facility.

Falk’s DocuTrack electronic document management system receives multiple fax transmissions on 8 lines, 24/7/365, resulting in consistent and timely communication. DocuTrack is an optical storage system electronically available and retrievable with time stamped documentation. This system has your fax imported directly into the prescription order process and is forever tied to the prescription order. Since we do not print out the fax, your fax is never lost. This system also recognizes barcodes and automatically routes inbound documents into the workflow. For example a refill request fax with a barcode is recognized by the DocuTrack system and routed into the Pharmacy Information System, which automatically generates refill orders. The system also works for new and emergency orders. DocuTrack expedites the ordering processes and improves safety by removing human error, without the need to transcribe prescriptions. DocuTrack also improves our ability to serve customers with easy retrieval of documents and audit trails to show all activity associated with each order. The order / faxes are forever tied to the prescription and are easily retrievable.

E-Mar System
An Electronic e-Mar system gives facilities the ability to have electronic med sheets and instant “real time” communication with the pharmacy. Falk’s has the ability to interface with a multitude of e-Mar systems available in the marketplace. In many systems the interface with the pharmacy is a complicated operation. We have IT staff on hand to make the connection painless. We have the capacity to operate a true two way communication interface with many e-Mar systems. With this communication all orders received at the pharmacy are transmitted to the facility instantly. All changes, orders and DC’s made are instantly transmitted to the pharmacy. E-Mar systems are designed to decrease the opportunity for medication errors by using barcodes as built in safeguards. Nursing time is conserved and resident care is improved, while maintaining charting and documentation compliance. The system will report to the nursing manager when medication orders are out of compliance.

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