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Falk’s Nursing Service LTC Pharmacy offers the widest variety of unit dose medication packaging systems in the region to best suit your facilities needs. From a 7-day multi-dose pack card (Dispill), a multi-dose pouch (Parata Pass) and 30-60-90 count Bingo cards set up to patient pass or time pass with dose per blister packaging.

Our company uses robotics and is the only pharmacy in the nation to use 3 linked Script-Pro robots for dispensing for nursing facilities. The system is proven and reliable to automate the repetitive manual dispensing tasks with 100% accuracy that is most subject to human error. The robotics interface with the pharmacy computer system to fill, label and collate up to 150 prescriptions per hour.

We also recognize that there are some situations that require personalized attention, our support staff of experienced pharmacy technicians can also pack for unique needs.

Robotic solutions enhance the overall quality of care by reducing administration errors while improving clinical outcomes. Our packaging options include:

  • Standard Vials – 3 Daisy Chained Scriptpro 200 for Drug Dispensing used in Vials / MedBoxes / Manually filled Blister Cards / Dispill dispensing systems
  • Med boxes (7-14 day with dosing up to 4 times a day)
    med box
  • Bingo Cards with drug per blister (can be packed by dose for 28 day cycle fill, 30 day, 31 day or short cycle 14 day). Cards are available in 31 /62 / 90 blister per card.
    • Patient Pass (meds not packaged by administration — the least number of cards/patient)
    • Time Pass (packed by admin time —2 daily doses are packed in 2 cards — am and pm).
  • Dispill Multi-Med Card – All drugs are packed in one blister for each administration time, up to 4 administration times per day. (prn drugs are usually packed in bingo blister cards) – Packaged in 7 day cards (7 days, 14 day, 28 days at a time depending on stability of patients medication regime).
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  • Parata Pass – Patient Adherence Strip System— all drugs are packaged in strip pouch packs and can be set-up multi-med with each pouch being a med-pass containing all the medications for that time of administration. Non-compliant administration times and variable dose medications may be packaged alone, as well as dose variables. Rx drugs and OTC drugs can be packaged separately from each other. Strip can be set up in variable amount of days (whatever makes sense for the facility). Each pouch is Bar coded for verification of the medications within that Pouch. Strips can have messages / warnings/ alerts placed on an empty pouch prior to the administered drug i.e.: Blood Pressure check message/ Warfarin warning / etc.
    parata logos
  • First Dose SystemFalk’s will supply First Dose Systems to 24 hr. nursing facilities that require them for Emergency 1st Dose administration. These Emergency 1st Dose carts are designed to alleviate emergency prescriptions. This system can be accessed only by authorized personnel and approved by pharmacy. Although Minnesota law currently limits the amount of meds these systems can have in them, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy is currently reviewing this policy.

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