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Falk’s delivers services, cost savings and patient safety benefits second to none. We’ve learned that we are really in a relationship business with the facilities we service. Long term care pharmacy is the core on which we were founded on. For over 35 years we have been a leader in serving facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We understand that a one size fits all approach does not apply to our facilities, and understanding your needs is the key to a successful relationship.

Falk’s Nursing Service LTC Pharmacy is committed to providing superior care and service to all of the Long Term Care (LTC) facilities we service.

Falk’s has years of experience in assisting facilities to determine the kind of packaging systems that are efficient and effective for your unique facility. The variety of dispensing systems we have and the ability to use a combination of each meet even the most demanding requirements.
We utilize extensive barcoding to ensure accurate verification of medication being dispensed for both hand-packed and robotically dispensed orders. Barcodes contain both the drug NDC number and the prescription number used when verifying the RX order insuring the right . medication to the right patient. Two different pharmacists check the order pre dispensing and post dispensing in addition to being scanned by the technician when dispensing. What is in the prescription being dispensed is what is printed on the label affixed to it. This policy is essentially an error proof, triple checked system!
Cycle dispensing
Falk’s can automatically cycle fill all maintenance medications so that the facility staff does not have to reorder the vast majority of your resident’s medications. By cycle filling all maintenance medications the facility receives the majority of the resident’s medications once every 28 days. On a daily basis, the staff does not have to deal with a large volume of prescription deliveries and the receiving into the med room. This will save the facilities staff valuable time, time better spent taking care of the residents.
Falk’s provides IV services, supplies and support. We do not contract with an outside IV agency that ships product to you. Our on staff support team includes IV RN’s with vast hospital experience. Our pharmacist’s produce IV medications on-site in our clean room and IV hood. Our IV room and hood are inspected yearly by an accreditation licensing agency to insure clean room adherence.
Falk’s provides pharmacy consulting services that may be required monthly or quarterly by Federal and State license requirements. Our pharmacist’s that provide comprehensive medication and chart reviews are Doctors of Pharmacy that have graduated from Pharm D programs and are experts at Drug regimen reviews and dosing management. These same pharmacists provide educational sessions in facilities on various therapeutic classes and new medications your staff encounters with your residents.
Framework Link
With our Framework link software you can send the pharmacy messages, admit and discharge residents, maintain patient records, modify administration times, place new and refill drug orders, look up drug costs and print medical records all on a web based direct link into the Falk’s pharmacy system.
E-Mar integration
Falk’s currently is actively providing E-Mar services to some of our facilities with excellent results. By using E-Mar the communication between the pharmacy and the facility is greatly enhanced. Prescription and Medical Orders received and entered at the pharmacy are instantly available for introduction into the E-Mar at the facility. The possibility of the facility staff transcribing an order error is essentially eliminated. These E-Mar systems provide better adherence to medication and order administration with reminders and alerts for the staff if an order is due or has been missed. There is also a documented tracking that only an E-Mar system can provide. Falk’s presently can provide E-Mar interface by both HL7 and NCPDP 10.6 interfaces. Framework LTC software has been tested with many of the popular E-Mar systems in the marketplace. In other words, we can talk (interface) to a very wide multitude of E-Mar vendors.
Continuing education and seminars
Falk’s offers educational seminars on a variety of topics and medical conditions that are current and industry relevant. Attendance is open to anyone currently working with Falk’s. Continuing education credits are given by Falk’s for healthcare professionals that require them for licensure. Falk’s also has a select library of staff training DVD’s and manuals available upon request. Modules from ASCP for facility training such as medication administration and resident medication safety procedures are a valuable resource. Modules even have testing for staff at the end of the program.
Delivery Service
Falk’s maintains our own fleet and have consistent drivers for delivery. We believe that delivery of medication orders is necessary when you need them and not just where on the route you happen to be. We provide delivery 24/7/365. Many of our drivers have worked for Falk’s for many years. Our facilities get to know their delivery drivers and the drivers know them. It makes for a more comfortable system, especially with some of the late night deliveries. We also have back-up pharmacy deliveries contracted all over the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin for those times that are urgent emergencies.

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