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In the burgeoning Long Term Care industry, Falk’s has taken a leading role in providing the highest quality services  to its customers by utilizing state of the art pharmacy technology and teaming with the best people in the area.  Falks LTC operation has been designed and focuses to meet the unique requirements of the long term care industry.  Through its high commitment and service to this industry, Falk’s has earned the trust and respect of the majority of the long term care, group home and correctional facilities in the region.  Falks services just over 3,000 residents in over 250 facilities.

Falk’s Nursing Service Pharmacy is a full service long term care pharmacy located in Duluth, MN. Falks has over 30 years experience servicing nursing homes, group homes, correctional facilities and many other long term care facilities.  Falks has always been locally owned and operated in Duluth and the pharmacy connects with the community they service.   Falk’s understands medication management to its fullest and knows that being local means that Falk’s Nursing Service is readily accessible 7 days per week.  24/7 for all emergency, urgent needs & consultation.  Actual on call Duluth pharmacists, registered nurses and delivery personal are instantly available to you.   Emergency and urgent after hours prescriptions are filled & delivered by a Falks pharmacist here in Duluth.  Falks is committed to providing superior care to all of our facilities of all sizes. 


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